Professor Sam Emaminejad is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UCLA and the founder and director of the Interconnected & Integrated Bioelectronics Lab (I²BL). Sam received his BASc (2009) and MS/PhD (2011/2014) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and Stanford University, respectively. Prior to joining UCLA, he was a joint-postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley and Stanford School of Medicine. Professor Emaminejad has received numerous honors and awards including the NSF CAREER, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) scholarship, Microsoft Merit, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation’s NARSAD Young Investigator award, and PhRMA Research Starter Grant (Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Program). Also, he has been awarded a “Distinguished Young Investigator Award” for leading a multi-center program on remote patient monitoring with UCLA, Intermountain Healthcare and Stanford School of Medicine.



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Bo Wang


Wearable Electrochemical Sensors


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Sensors and Material Science

Yichao Zhao

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Haisong Lin

N/MEMS Fabrication and Design

Shuyu Lin

Sensors and Material Science

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Hannaneh Hojaiji

Circuits & Embedded Systems

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Xuanbing Cheng

Sensors and Material Science

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Christopher Yeung

Micro-needles and Material Science

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Wenzhuo Yu

Digital Microfluidics

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Jiawei Tan

Microfluidics and Material Science

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Zhaoqing Wang

Circuits and Embedded Systems

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Max Gong

Signals and Systems



Aaron Wilhelm

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Betto Cerrillos

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Harish Athavan

Andrew Wilhelm

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Mudith Mallajosyula

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Nathan Chen

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Jorge De Dios Suarez

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Xu He

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Brittany Ham

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Stephanie Tamayosa



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Evrim Ozcan

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AmirMohammad Hojaiji

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Rona Darabi



  • Sumiran Singh

  • Roberto Frias

  • Phoenix Stout

  • Kamyar Salahi

  • Minali Karapetian

  • Nathan Chen

  • Kimber King

  • Chester Hulse

  • Siyang Yang



Postdoctoral Research Fellows

We seek outstanding and motivated postdoctoral applicants with relevant expertise and knowledge in biochemistry, molecular biology, assay development, microfluidics and device fabrication. Applicants are expected to hold a PhD and have a track record of high quality publications in their field of research. Applications should be emailed to Prof. Emaminejad. In the application, the following documents should be assembled as a single PDF file: 1) a cover letter describing research interests and goals, 2) a CV containing the full list of the applicant’s publications and 3) the names and contact information of three references (expected to provide letters of recommendation). Additionally, copies of up to three relevant scientific publications must be included in the email.

Prospective Graduate Students

We have openings for exceptional and motivated graduate student researchers. Applicants must apply through the UCLA Electrical Engineering admission website. Admitted students from other relevant departments (Mechanical, Chemical, Materials Science and Bio- engineering) are also welcome to apply. Applications should be emailed as a single PDF file and should contain: 1) personal statement, 2) a resume, 3) undergraduate (and if applicable, graduate) transcript and 4) a list and description of relevant engineering projects or publications.  

Undergraduate Students

Motivated and talented UCLA undergraduate students with passion for research are always welcome in our lab. Applications should be emailed to Prof. Emaminejad and should contain: 1) a short description of research interests and goals, 2) a current transcript, 3) a resume and 4) a list and description of relevant engineering projects.