Developing an Ecosystem of Intelligent Systems for Personalized Medicine

At Interconnected & Integrated Bioelectronics Lab (I²BL), we design and fabricate nano/microelectrochemical sensors to control, isolate and sense biomarkers in highly complex biological media. Informative biomarkers include electrolytes, metabolites, proteins, genes and cells, the abundance of which in physiological samples such as blood, sweat, saliva and urine are indicative of the individual’s health. Additionally, we integrate our devices into electronic platforms with system-level functionalities to enable translational applications. In that regard, we exploit emerging technologies such as 3D printing and flexible, and stretchable electronics to tailor our platforms toward the physiological sample under analysis. By creating a network of these biomonitoring platforms we can gain a comprehensive view of an individual’s health state at molecular levels. This network provides an infrastructure for the collection of large data sets at population levels, which will inform clinical investigations and generate predictive algorithms for understanding our personal and societal health needs.



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A mediator-free wearable sensing system is devised to bypass the limitations of conventional enzymatic sensors in terms of susceptibility to dynamic concentration variation of ionic species and poor operational stability.

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A Design Framework and Sensing System for Non-invasive Wearable Electroactive Drug Monitoring

A ferrorobotic system for automated microfluidic logistics: ferrobots can be programmed to perform massively parallelized and sequential fluidic operations at small length scales in a collaborative manner.

A distributed terminal-based sensing network is demonstrated, which capitalizes on the fingertip for simultaneous non-invasive biomarker data sampling and user identification.

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Drug monitoring platform

Design Framework and Sensing System for Noninvasive Wearable Electroactive Drug Monitoring (ACS Sensors 2019)

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